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Our Services

Accept payments everywhere with Shift4's end-to-end commerce solution.

Skytab POS

 SkyTab POS system will transform your restaurant’s operations — from front-of-house to back-of-house and everything in between. Starting at $29.99/month with many optional accessories to customize including mobile devices, kitchen display systems, 3rd party integrations and more!

Payment Processing 

Card-present & e-commerce solutions for virtually every business . No cost on equipment, low monthly gateway fees and select either credit card surcharge, cash discount, or dual pricing to eliminate your processing fees. Standard processing at a competitive rate also available. No matter your choice we have you covered with our top of the line hardware & support.


Contactless Commerce

Deliver touch-free ways to order and pay. Customers can order and pay at their convenience by scanning a QR code with their mobile device. Imagine sitting down at your table, scan your code, order your meal, pay your tab when YOU ARE READY.  This will not only assist with customer satisfaction but time management

Skytab Glass

A dedicated tablet app that's optimized for fast and efficient ordering.

Skytab Mobile

Accept payments and take orders from anywhere - at the table, curbside, or out on delivery.

3rd Party Integrations

DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Postmates. With Marketplace, you can easily integrate with these third-party services. 


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